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We are a global leading supplier of air-powered, energy efficient waste baler machines, vertical balers, high density balers and compactors, for sale and suitable for all kinds of business waste.

With a small carbon footprint, highly economical in terms of space and cost, and optimised for safety and customer satisfaction, we offer the ideal solution for all your business waste needs from plastic and cardboard to polystyrene. 


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Reduce your carbon footprint.

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Like most companies, we take a short break over Christmas. This year, the important dates are:

Closing: 12pm Friday, 22 December 2017
Re-opening: 9am Monday, 8 January 2018

NOTE: Consumables orders placed by phone during the Christmas Close-down will be fulfilled after Jan 3 2018, and subject to individual courier timelines.
Service engineers will not be available to attend call-outs during the close-down period. Our Service team will be fully operational from 8 Jan 2018