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Infinity Endless Bag Solution

The most recent paradigm in waste separation.   Infinity bags are manufactured strong and available in 60 or 110m lengths, a variety of colors helps segregate, contain, and minimize contamination of recyclables. “Keeping it Simple with Infinity”

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Manage, separate, segregate waste efficiently, tidily, economically.

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Never insufficient

Waste management and waste separation are made possible by infinity bags.
You can modify the Infinity solution to fit your business needs thanks to its clean, uncomplicated design.

An Infinity bag can be any size, hence it is never completely full. You select the time when the bag needs to be changed, whether it is at the conclusion of a shift or at a predefined period.


It is now simpler than ever to segregate garbage at the source thanks to a variety of sizes, shapes, and forms, as well as practical color-coded bag cartridges.
Infinity bags are the most hygienic solution to manage waste because they never overflow and users never have to touch waste directly.
Your next Kaizen should be Infinity.

Infinite possibilities, endless solutions.

Signage service

Infinity also offers a signage service for its stands and wall-mounts to  clearly identify waste streams: Simply supply artwork for printing or use our infinity template signage on your next infinity solution.

NB: Infinity bags are compatible with other types of continuous bagging systems

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