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Infinity Endless Bag Solution

The most recent paradigm in waste separation.
Infinity bags are manufactured strong and available in 60 or 110m lengths. A variety of colors helps segregate, contain, and minimize contamination of recyclables. “Keeping it Simple with Infinity”

100% full!
Every Infinity bag is always filled to the brim,
saving you money and using up to 75% less plastic.

Several types of stands and color-coded bags – allows you to customise a solution!

Infinity stands come in a variety of sizes and forms, can be mounted on the wall or the floor, and the bags are available in six different colours. Tailor a waste sorting solution that fits the requirements of your company exactly.

Hygienic benefits:

  • Increased hygienic standards because bags are handled outside
  • The following bag gathers any spills around the opening
  • Strips are used to close bags from the outside
  • Simple rack and waste area cleaning
  • Cleaner workplace in general

Environmental & economic benefits:

  • Reduced time spent on waste management
  • Reduced risk of incorrect waste sorting
  • Decreased use of plastic (up to 75%)
  • Increased level of recycling
  • Reduced “transport of waste” by sorting waste at source

Cut costs significantly with Infinity! Watch this video to learn more.

How to empty a bag and prepare a new one

The Infinity bag changing system is easy and simple.

See how it’s done!

Reduced use of plastic by up to 75%

No more emptying partially filled waste bags. Cut your plastic use by up to 75% compared to standard bags!

Cleaner working environment, free of flies, bugs, and odours

All contact with the waste is eliminated by Infinity; bags are handled externally at all times, and any spills surrounding the opening are picked up by the following bag.

Optional Signage Service

Get a signage service for Infinity stands and wall-mounts to clearly identify your waste streams: Simply supply artwork for printing or use our infinity template signage on your next infinity solution.

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NB: Infinity bags are compatible with other types of continuous bagging systems.

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