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Recycling plastic strapping

The proper disposal of strapping not only frees up space in waste containers, it also decreases the risk of accidents caused by it.

The Plastic Bag Stand for containment and management of plastic strapping

Plastic strapping or banding is necessary for packaging and transportation, but once used, it becomes uncontrollable waste that fills and overflows your bins increasing the risk of accidents.

With this simple but efficient package solution, you can keep control of your strapping waste. Collect & contain strapping in strategically placed plastic bag stand throughout the business then compact it in a Mil-tek baler to reduce its volume.  An easy way to control strapping.

Challenges with strapping waste

Facilities, that frequently use packaging with plastic strapping, most likely experience the following problems:

  • That the material quickly fills vacant space in bins, which therefore must be changed on a regular basis
  • Accidents caused by the uncontrollable material – tripping accidents or accidents that involve trucks or equipment
  • How to dispose of the strapping waste properly

The Mil-tek solution: Store and Compact

Store the strapping waste in a plastic bag of durable material. When the bag needs emptying, put it in the baler, which will compact it with up to 90%. The dense bale can be sent on to a recycling facility, where the plastic strapping will be shredded and then washed to remove small contaminants. After these processes, the plastic can then be sold on and made into new plastic products.

Recycling plastic strapping matters

Plastic waste lingers in landfills for hundreds of years. Therefore, plastic strapping should, like all other plastic items, be recycled into new plastic products instead. Recycling plastic strapping lowers the need for fossil fuels to make new plastic, and in this way you make a sustainable effort if you dispose of the material properly.

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