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We are a global leading supplier of air-powered, energy efficient waste baler machines, vertical balers, high density balers and compactors, for sale and suitable for all kinds of business waste.

With a small carbon footprint, highly economical in terms of space and cost, and optimised for safety and customer satisfaction, we offer the ideal solution for all your business waste needs from plastic and cardboard to polystyrene. 


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A Danish island is going rubbish-free after adopting a new recycling system

Can you imagine what it would be like if we reused or recycled each and every piece of waste we produce? One local government in Denmark is doing just that....

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Mondelez’s Cadbury chocolate bar to trial paper packaging in New Zealand

Mondelez International is one of the companies that constantly work to support local sustainability initiatives, such as those working to develop new plastic recycling technologies...

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Bin manufacturer in New Zealand aims to include 50% recycled content into their products

Method, a New Zealand company specializing in bin manufacturing, stated they will include at least 50% recycled materials into the production of their products...

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Molson Coors has an ambitious plan to make its packaging 100% eco-friendly

Molson Coors just announced its plan to increase recycling and reduce plastic waste as part of a bigger plan to reduce carbon emissions...

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