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Bulk bags

Bulk bags, also known as big bags and FIBCs, are extremely helpful in a range of industries, from construction to agriculture.

Using and reusing bulk bags

Any industry that deals with huge volumes of dry, loose material, such as sand, grain and animal feed, makes extensive use of bulk bags.

Bulk bags are typically used and reused, but compacting the bags after use simplifies the procedure considerably.

What are bulk bags?

Bulk bags are sizable, robust textile sacks used to hold big amounts of loose stuff. These types of containers are typically used to store and carry materials including sand, grain, powders, and animal feeds.

Depending on the material and business involved, big bags come in a wide range of sizes. They typically weigh about 2-3 kg each and can contain 800-900 kg of material.

Recycling & compacting bulk bags

Bulk bags can be completely recycled, although due to their size, compaction is generally always required. Additionally, bulk bags would require time-consuming and difficult cleaning before being used again, because they are frequently used to convey loose materials like sand or grain.

Bulk bags are frequently compacted and shipped in large quantities to a recycler, who can arrange for the material to be shredded and recycled into new bags. With appropriate dust extraction equipment to handle the dust released when compacting bulk bags, Mil-tek balers can be particularly modified to handle huge bags.

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