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Rockwool, Mineral Wool & Glass Wool Recycling

Insulation wool, which is widely used in building and construction, is one of the most recyclable materials, however much of it still ends up in landfills.

Reduce the amount of insulation used

Mineral wool and stone wool, which are commonly used to insulate buildings and residences, are shred and compacted by the Mil-tek IC60 insulation compactor.

This method of compacting insulation reduces the volume of the material by more than 90%, transforming it into a fine powder. This novel material is immediately recyclable and does not require any additional processing.

Insulation made of rockwool, mineral wool, and glass wool

Mineral wool, glass wool, and fiberglass are used, handled, and disposed of in enormous quantities by building and construction enterprises. When this product reaches the end of its useful life, much of its waste ends up in landfill, but the material is fully recyclable.

Mineral rock wool, which is densely compacted and easy to store and carry, is 100% recyclable and recycle-ready once compacted. Insulation that would otherwise end up in a landfill can instead be recycled and turned into a commodity.

Ready-to-recycle insulation

Most materials are processed once more before being recycled. Once compressed in an IC60, rockwool is completely ready for recycling.

The IC60 can crush all types of mineral wool, including stone wool, rock wool, glass wool, and fiberglass, but it is generally advised to compress one type of stone wool rather than mixing it to maximize recycling and value.

Insulation wool recycling promotes the circular economy and increases commodity revenue.

Insulation and circular economy

When considering the circular economy on construction sites, recycling insulation such as Rockwool is essential. To discover more about the role the Mil-tek IC60 plays in recycling insulation, view the animation.

Video showcase

Take a look at the IC60 in action – here from a recycling center in Vejle, Denmark

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