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Recycling Solutions for Cardboard

Find out more about cardboard and how to recycle and dispose of your cardboard waste.

Compress your cardboard waste.

You can turn your waste issue around from unmanageable to efficient and lucrative with the correct equipment. Mil-tek offers several brand-new and pre-owned pieces of equipment that may minimize cardboard waste and prepare it for recycling.

We can assist you with a solution that will fit your workplace, working environment, and working requirements regardless of the size and complexity of your organization.

Packaging made of cardboard

Paper-based but incredibly thick, cardboard is a robust material for manufacturing boxes as well as other packing materials suited for a variety of product types. Cardboard comes in two varieties. Corrugated cardboard is utilized for shipping and delivering packages to your door. Between the sheets is a wavy inner part that gives it thickness and durability. The second variety is paperboard/chipboard, which has just one layer and is frequently utilized in cereal and shoe packaging. Both forms of cardboard are recyclable as long as they are not moist or polluted because they are created from wood fibers that originate from trees.

Cardboard presents challenges for businesses

Many businesses experience a regular flow of cardboard waste, which causes logistical problems with storage, disposal, flat-packing, and transportation. Thus, it is a good idea for businesses of all sizes to find a means to dispose of such waste in the best and – preferably – most sustainable way possible.

Cardboard recycling will increase sustainability.

Due to its thickness and durability, corrugated cardboard recycles more frequently than other paper materials. Cardboard may be recycled numerous times without losing its strength, and it can be utilized as new packaging materials and boxes.

Recycling cardboard reduces the amount of cardboard waste dumped in landfills and lessens the need to cut down as many trees each year. Your business will significantly reduce its environmental effect by introducing a Mil-tek machine to help you prep your cardboard waste for recycling.

Cardboard recycling can potentially provide revenue.

When did you last handle cardboard waste? Similar to brushing your teeth, managing cardboard waste must be done properly or it will cost you in the long term. Also, recyclers may compensate you for your recycled baled cardboard if it is handled properly.

Regardless of the kind and quantity of cardboard waste your business generates, Mil-tek can assist you in determining the best way to recycle your cardboard waste.

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