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Compacting & recycling PET Bottles

Single-use PET bottles have a significant commodity value if correctly handled. Compacting and minimizing the volume is key to unlocking their recycling potential.

Minimize the volume of air in PET bottles

One of the key challenges to minimizing PET bottle volume is removing the air inside the bottles. To do so requires strong compacting equipment that forceably punctures the bottles and ensures they are densely and tightly compacted.

Mil-tek has a range of PET bottle crushing solutions.

Multiple forms of plastic

A typical PET bottle has 3 forms of plastic: the hard plastic bottle top (HDPE), the soft plastic label (LDPE) and the plastic bottle itself (PET). All three of these forms of plastic are recyclable and can contribute to sustainable recycling practices.

Many recycling facilities place a high value on compacted volumes of PET bottles even though the different kinds of plastic are mixed if the bottles are appropriately crushed and compacted.

Compacting PET is key

Compacting the PET bottles is key to making the recyclable viable. Compacting the bottles removes the air, and destroys the memory of the moulded plastic. Removing the air has the added benefit of reducing the amount of space needed to store empty PET bottles, which can instead be ‘stored’ inside a baler.

Bales of compacted PET bottles can contain hundreds of bottles and can be easily transported for processing and recycling.

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