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Reduce waste in general and get rid of it

Businesses that regularly produce soft mixed general waste including food waste and non-recyclable soft packaging, require a safe and Hygienic solution.

Reducing waste in general

General/mixed waste is the most expensive to dispose of and takes up the greatest area of all waste types.

Businesses’ general waste management practices give a clear indication of the standards they set for themselves and their employees in terms of cleanliness, hygiene, economy, and the environment.

Managing mixed waste

The best way to minimize the amount of general waste produced is by using a compactor or waste press.

Pneumatically powered waste compactors have the technology to apply consistent pressure, compressing loose garbage and producing thicker, heavier bags of compacted waste as a result.

Management of kitchen waste

In commercial kitchens, waste management must strike a careful balance between usefulness and cleanliness.

Simple, secure, and hygienic trash compaction is possible with the installation of a stainless steel, oil-free Mil-tek waste compactor in a kitchen.

Compacted waste on the move

The size of mixed waste is reduced by a factor of 10:1 when compacted in a Mil-Tek commercial waste compactor. When moving compacted waste, a Mil-tek Lift Trolley is the perfect ally.

By simply slipping the bag onto the lifting plate, wheeling it to your garbage location, and pushing it off, you can avoid all heavy lifting when you have a stainless steel Lift Trolley on hand.

Waste management offshore

Waste compactors made by Mil-Tek are perfect for use offshore, where cleanliness and available space are key considerations.

The Mil-tek commercial waste compactor, which is available with fixed frame units, sliding wagons, and stainless steel, is perfect for uneven surfaces, offshore situations, and shipping.

Easy-to-use waste management

When designing our waste presses, user-friendliness, safety, and simplicity are our top priorities.

Since no two organizations are alike, we customize our solutions to each industry area, each company, and each form of waste.

Giving your workers the resources they need to manage waste better ensures that they will work harder.

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