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Recycling of Aluminium Cans

Cans made of aluminum are strong, long-lasting, and more affordable to recycle than to manufacture. In fact, 80–90% of all steel manufactured over the years is still in use.

Recycling of cans are better

We’re getting fairly excellent at recycling cans as individuals and businesses; we recycle more cans than any other material, second only to glass.

Would you pay someone to transport air, though? Although it seems weird, organizations are actually doing just that. Businesses lose a tremendous amount of money on air transportation when they discard uncompacted tins, cans, and drums, which also significantly raises the frequency of collections.

Improved Waste Management

Better waste management entails more than just better trash management. It is concerned with the volume, cost, and logistics of trash disposal.

A Mil-tek industrial can crusher decreases the volume of cans and drums by up to 90%: a low-cost, low-energy solution.

Food packaging waste reduction

Large amounts of cans are used in the manufacture of meals in industrial kitchens. If not handled appropriately, disposal of items can be untidy and unsanitary.

A Mil-tek can crusher is capable of crushing all types of cans and drums up to 30 litres and can be mounted right inside the food preparation area.

Handle paint and oil cans with care

Proper trash disposal is critical for organizations that deal with paint or oil cans.

Mil-tek waste management experts help with organizations to ensure that the workplace is correctly set up to allow employees to compact and store all cans and drums simply and safely.

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