2306s Stainless Steel Baler

2306s Stainless Steel Baler

A medium to big baler that is perfect for baling cardboard and plastic in busy conditions is the Mil-tek 2306 Stainless Steel Baler. The 2306S creates huge bales weighing up to 250 kg thanks to its two strong cylinders that exert consistent pressure.

  • Baler for cardboard & plastic, in Stainless Steel
  • Dual pressing cylinders
  • Automated bale-out mechanism
  • Wide door and deep pressing chamber
  • Suitable for hygienic and high intensity environments
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For conditions where typical balers struggle, such as those in food production, agricultural facilities, offshore, and ships, stainless steel balers are a better choice.

Due to their ability to resist rust and corrosion, stainless steel balers are more durable under these conditions. They are therefore suited for hygienic settings like kitchens and other areas where food is produced or prepared.

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When hygiene is key

The Mil-tek 2306S is the best option for baling and recycling garbage for companies operating in strict or hygienic conditions. Cardboard and plastic garbage are handled by the 2306S stainless steel baler, which complies with EN16500 specifications for vertical balers.

Since the 2306S is made of stainless steel, it can endure harsher conditions like those associated with food manufacturing and outdoor settings. Installation of a pneumatic stainless steel baler into a food production area is risk-free and safe.

It won’t be harmed by airborne food particles or dampness, and there’s no chance of contamination from oil.

Stainless and Oil Free

The 2306’s bigger entrance allows users to load bulky boxes and full bags of plastic packaging, and its automatic bale-out mechanism makes tying bales and emptying balers simple and secure.

To further assure the user’s safety, the bale out feature requires two hands to use. The pneumatic 2306S stainless steel baler has a pressing cycle as short as 15 seconds and can sustain steady downward pressure without the need for additional power.

This implies that both hydraulic oil and electrical components are not present in the 2306S. The 2306S’s cardboard and plastic bales can weigh up to 250 kg and are appropriately sized to fit on a typical pallet for storage and transportation.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction


Carboard Bale

Plastic Bale

Pressing cycle

< 200 kg

< 250 kg

20-30 sec.

Bale Size


875 mm


890 mm


730 mm


13 mm (#999011)

Door Opening


555 mm


890 mm


700 mm

Machine Size


2370 mm


1035 mm


935 mm


650 kg


Noise Level

< 70 db (A)


Pressing force at 8 bars

8500 kg



CE, EN16500, UKCA

2306s Cardboard & Plastic Baler

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