A101 Can Crusher

A101 Can Crusher

The Mil-tek A101 Can Crusher reduces volume by 90% by crushing and compacting tins, cans, drums, and buckets up to 30L.

  • Crush up to 30 litres of cans, tins, and drums.
  • Enhanced operational and safety attributes
  • Flammable and nonflammable fluids
  • Low on noise, low on energy
  • Up to 90% compaction
  • Use indoors or out
  • Small footprint

The best option for crushing cans and metal food containers is the air-powered Mil-tek A101 Can Crusher. Because the Can Crusher is air-powered, there is no chance of oil pollution and it is extremely quiet.


Hazardous waste, such as paint or oil, is frequently found in tins and cans, and its removal can be quite expensive. The Mil-tek A101 Can Crusher will enable you to reduce the volume of cans and tins by up to 90%, hence lowering the need for hazardous waste bins, fewer lifts, and—most importantly—a reduction in costs of up to 80%.

The compact, powerful Mil-tek A101 Can Crusher has no electrical components and is simple to clean and maintain.

It can compress practically any non-aerosol can up to a 30L capacity made of metal, steel, tin, or aluminum. Compressed air is used to power the Mil-tek A101 Can Crusher, either directly from an existing air line or from a Mil-tek-provided compressor.

As a result, the Can Crusher has no hydraulic or electrical parts, which reduces the risk of fire and fully eliminates the potential of oil pollution.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction




Pressing Cycle

< 30 L

2250 kg at 8 bar

10-20 sec.

Door Opening


490 mm


405 mm


400 mm

Machine Size


2005 mm


525 mm


510 mm


Noise Level

< 70 db (A)



Machine Weight

125 kg

Mil-tek A101 Can Crusher

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