A509 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

A509 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

1.5m² footprint and lightning-fast pneumatic pressing power. Speed and power are combined in the third-generation A509 cardboard and plastic baler for extremely effective heavy-duty use.

  • Bale 225 kg cardboard & and 300 kg plastic
  • Dual, double-acting cylinders with ECODrive
  • Bale-out indicator & auto bale-out function
  • Heavy-duty baler for large waste volumes
  • Adjustable bale size
  • 1.5m² footprint
pneumatic-air-power-badge cardboard-badge plastic-badge

The A509 is a heavy-duty baler with a 1.5m2 footprint that compacts with 8 tonnes of force and has an incredibly quick pressing cycle of less than 15 seconds.

pneumatic-air-power-badge cardboard-badge plastic-badge

Huge chamber equals waste volumes of waste

The wide entrance and big pressing chamber of the A509 allow it to handle huge volumes of bulky waste material and are adaptable to compact plastic (300 kilogram bales), cardboard (225 kg bales), as well as other recyclable materials.

The A509 includes a safe and straightforward two-handed bale-out mechanism, and EN16500 features are standard, as with all Mil-tek pneumatic machines.

The next generation at its fineste

The third generation of Mil-tek pneumatic balers, the A509, has two powerful double-acting cylinders that push and release the plate with compressed air.

Running on compressed air enables the A509 to be connected to an existing air source and provides an effective power source that is free of hydraulic oil and contamination concern.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction


Carboard Bale

Plastic Bale

Pressing cycle

< 225 kg

< 300 kg

15-25 sec.

Bale Size


760-880 mm


1250 mm


835 mm


19 mm (#999021)

Door Opening


570 mm


1250 mm


800 mm

Machine Size


2530 mm


1450 mm


1040 mm


920 kg


Noise Level

< 70 db (A)


Pressing force at 8 bars

8000 kg



CE, EN16500, UKCA

A509 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

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