XP100s Mixed Waste Compactor

XP100s Mixed Waste Compactor

The new Mil-tek XP100S Stainless Steel trash Compactor is a little waste press made of stainless steel that is perfect for small, hygienic spaces like kitchens. While preserving a small floorspace footprint, the longer cylinder improves compaction.

  • Elongated cylinder
  • Oil-free and hygienic
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Micro footprint (52 cm²)
  • Densely compacted waste
  • Suitable for kitchens & food preparation areas

For busy kitchens, the X100S Waste Compactor is a practical and economical solution. The XP100S Waste Compactor can accept full trash bags directly, keeping odors and liquids inside the drum to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Additionally, because it is made of stainless steel and is air-powered, there is no chance of corrosion or oil contamination.


Versatile waste compactor

The Mil-tek X-Press 100 Stainless Steel Waste Compactor is a versatile, compact waste compactor that may be deployed in a number of settings, including industrial kitchens, cafés, canteens, food preparation facilities, hospitals, offices, and general/mixed waste areas.

The common garbage compactor may be deployed indoors and in sterile working environments because it is versatile and small enough. It is free of pollutants like oil.

The XP100S Stainless Steel Waste Compactor is designed for installation indoors, within the working environment, and has a floorspace footprint of just 52cm². This allows for a seamless waste disposal operation and minimizes any time lost hauling waste.

Easy handling

With each cycle, the XP100S Steel waste Compactor’s elongated cylinder compacts garbage more tightly, resulting in bags of rubbish that can weigh up to 50 kg.

The machine can function with as little as 2 bars of pressure because to the longer cylinder’s ability to ensure that less power is needed with each downward stroke. A Mil-tek Lift Trolley makes it simple to move compacted waste from an XP100S.

Waste bags are moved from the wagon to the lifting plate, winched up, and placed into waste bins using a lift trolley, which eliminates the need for strenuous lifting.

Technical specifications

Degree of Compression

< 90%


Noise level

1500 kg at 5 bar

< 70 db (A)

Machine size


1970 mm


670 mm


704 mm


120 kg

Bag Dimensions


600 mm


450 mm


< 50 kg



CE, AS/NZ 4024.1 & UKCA

XP100S Waste Compactor

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