XP300 Mixed Waste Compactor

XP300 Mixed Waste Compactor

Ideal for small, indoor environments, Mil-tek X-Press compactors are tough, durable and can handle all forms of general black bag waste including food, fluids and hazardous waste, compacting by a ratio of up to 10:1.

  • Improves security and safety
  • Low on noise, low on energy
  • Air-powered, clean and hygienic
  • Fixed frame unit & sliding wagon
  • Suitable for kitchens & offshore environments
  • Compact general, kitchen and hazardous waste

In locations like ships and offshore rigs, cleanliness and space are strictly regulated. The Mil-tek X-Press Compactor will reduce the amount of space taken up by waste by compacting all types of general waste by up to 90%. The X-Press Compactor model 300 may be fixed to the ground, making it perfect for situations with uneven terrain and offshore work.


Kitchens, food preparation facilities, hospitals, workplaces, and general garbage areas are just a few of the places where the Mil-tek X-Press 300 waste compactor is suited for use.

In an X-Press 300 waste compactor, you may compact your general, food, and hazardous garbage to make more room for it, reduce mess, improve hygiene, and eliminate bin overflows.

The X-Press 300 is perfect for shipping, offshore situations, or uneven surfaces because it can be securely bolted in place thanks to the fixed frame unit and sliding wagon.

Compressed air is used to power the Mil-tek X-Press 300 compactor, either directly from an existing air line or from a Mil-tek-provided compressor. This means that there are no electrical or hydraulic components in the Mil-tek X-Press 300, reducing the risk of fire and fully eradicating the risk of oil pollution.

Technical specifications

Degree of Compression

< 90%


Noise level

1500 kg at 5 bar

< 70 db (A)

Machine size


1850 mm


670 mm


1155 mm


107 kg

Bag Dimensions






< 50 kg




XP300 Waste Compactor

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