EPS2000 Polystyrene Compactor

EPS2000 Polystyrene Compactor

The EPS 2000 Polystyrene Compactor compacts and transforms EPS expanded polystyrene into revenue. The EPS 2000 compacts up to 70 kg of EPS6 every hour.

  • Volume Reduction of 40:1
  • Blocks of up to 300kg per M3
  • Compacts up to 70 kg. per hour
  • Improved logistics and space savings
  • Generate revenue while reducing costs

A Mil-tek EPS compactor transforms EPS6 box disposal from a logistical nightmare into a simple and effective revenue source.

The Mil-tek EPS 2000 Polystyrene Compactor is an excellent choice for compacting EPS6, the most prevalent type of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS, Styrofoam, airpop). Many businesses, including electronics manufacturers, distributors, fishing handling, and food processing industries, use EPS6 for packaging; it is an excellent material for protecting goods and parts during transportation.

The Mil-tek EPS 2000 Polystyrene Compactor converts EPS6 into a briquette that may be sold and recycled into plastic components such as electronics, toys, and DVD cases. By processing your EPS6 with a Mil-tek EPS 2000 Polystyrene Compactor, you not only save money over shipping it to landfills in bulk, but you also create revenue for your organization.

Mil-tek consultants can help you find a market for your compacted EPS6 through local or national recyclers.

Technical specifications

Volume reduction





<70 kg / hour

Block Dimensions


270 mm


270 mm

Door Opening


510 mm


860 mm


960 mm

Machine Size


2400 mm


1600 (4010) mm


1165 mm


965 kg



<300 g/litre (&lt;300 kg/m³)



16 A

Power supply

3 x 400V


2 x 3 kW




Mil-tek EPS2000 EPS Compactor

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  • Why should I not just include polystyrene with my general waste?

    Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is inert and does not decompose; once it enters landfill it will stay there forever. By compacting and recycling Polystyrene, you can reduce your existing waste costs by up to 80%, by avoiding unnecessary transport costs and reducing bins/skips and lifts required.

  • What exactly does the Mil-tek EPS machine do?

    The Mil-tek EPS 2000 shreds the polystyrene into fine grains. These are then melted to remove the air and significantly reduce the size. The EPS is then compacted in dense, manageable briquettes.

  • Can I earn money from this?

    Yes you can. Dense, compacted polystyrene can be recycled into almost any plastic-based product: mobile phones, speakers, televisions, toys, etc. It is much cheaper than manufacturing ‘new’ plastic, making it a popular commodity.

  • How do I find someone to buy my compacted EPS?

    Ask someone who knows: Mil-tek assist companies all over the world in doing exactly this, and your consultant will ensure you find a local recycler willing to take this off your hands.

Fishing/Food Handling

EPS6 Polystyrene is the preferred form of transport by almost all fish processing companies, as it is lightweight, durable and waterproof. A Mil-tek EPS compactor turns the disposal of EPS6 boxes from a logistical headache into a simple and efficient revenue stream.


Electronics, homewares and furniture shops handle large volumes of EPS6 on a daily basis. A Mil-tek EPS will not only solve the problem of un-compacted waste for the shop itself, but also for its customers and delivery staff.


Many distribution companies handle large volumes of surplus packing including EPS6, both in-house and via their delivery fleet. By unpacking or unloading packaging into an EPS Polystyrene Compactor, the EPS is converted from a logistical headache into a simple and efficient revenue stream.

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