Bob & Pete’s, an eco-friendly bakery, uses balers to improve their sustainability efforts

Sustainable success through smart partnerships and hard work

Beyond the ordinary business paradigm, Bob & Pete’s bakery shows how a commitment to sustainability, smart partnerships, and hard work can create a successful and moral company.


After realising they needed help to improve their waste management, the bakery collaborated with Mil-tek to implement balers, solidified their commitment to sustainability by drastically reducing their waste volume and environmental footprint with this approach.

Bob & Pete's: Sustainability taken to the next level with a compactor and balers

“It’s about doing the right things.”

Take a look at the case video to hear Bob & Pete’s Operations Manager Satchi Bakshi discuss the switch to a greener waste management system.

Sustainability remains a core value, also in waste handling

Bob Yates and Peter Dawson began their journey to pastry perfection in 1983 and quickly expanded to become a prominent provider of pastries to stores, caterers, restaurants, and cafés in New South Wales.

The company not only prides itself on its amazing products, but is also adamant about upholding and improving upon its core values such as their great team, positive culture and strong and persistent focus on sustainability.

Dedication to environmental responsibility
Acknowledging the substantial environmental consequences associated with waste management and processing, Bob & Pete’s Bakery is committed to mitigating this load and making a positive contribution towards a more sustainable future.

Strengthening recycling initiatives in collaboration with Mil-tek

Reducing, properly sorting, and recycling waste has always been a top priority at Bob & Pete’s. For instance, they would gather consumer packing boxes for recycling purposes.

Packaging waste took up a lot of space at their premises though, and the current procedure was expensive and inefficient despite their best efforts.

Therefore, Bob & Pete’s Bakery collaborated with Mil-tek to establish a more effective and long-term strategy for waste management – a solution that could support their desire to focus on sustainability.

Using balers and a compactor to reduce expenses and CO2

Mil-tek installed pneumatic balers and an XP200S general waste compactor at Bob & Pete’s Bakery, to compact materials such as cardboard, plastic, paper bags, and other waste types. The new solution led to several key benefits:

Optimized space utilization:
With compacted waste taking up much less space, the bakery could make better use of their space.

Reduced disposal costs:
The substantial decrease in the frequency of waste collections led to significantly lower waste disposal expenses.

Lowered carbon footprint:
By reducing the amount of waste to handle, the bakery cut down on fuel and transportation costs, thereby minimizing their carbon impact.

Enhanced efficiency:
Avoiding double handling and streamlining the waste management process made it more efficient and less wasteful, boosting overall productivity.

Employee-friendly balers result in seamless operation

The bakery staff were trained by Mil-tek to ensure that the new equipment could be used effectively and efficiently.

Positive feedback and enhanced sustainability
The balers installed run on compressed air and are designed with simplicity in mind, so they are safe and easy to operate all day long. Bob & Pete’s bakery staff members were pleased with the revised procedures for waste management, and the company is now contributing even more to sustainability.

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