Marley Spoon

Lean food production

Efficiency, sustainability, and cleanliness all go hand in hand. Marley Spoon changed the way people think about trash management in order to generate game-changing results.

Sustainable waste management techniques

Reduced time spent and fewer waste pickups are all integrated with the circular economy, sustainability, and lean concepts. Learn how rethinking internal waste disposal helped Marley Spoon archive ground-breaking outcomes with the assistance of Mil-tek.

Marley Spoon - Lean food manufacturing

Case Video

Watch how Marley Spoon used sustainability and the circular economy to turn a waste problem into a time and money-saving solution.

A sustainable approach

A company like Marley Spoon takes pride in being environmentally friendly and producing as little waste as possible. This is critical for the clientele as well as the business. The collaboration with Mil-tek really turned things around after we struggled to find efficient strategies to handle the waste.

No more time and money wasted

After applying the Mil-tek Lean principles to Marley Spoon’s waste management, the amount of time spent on bin emptying and the number of pickups were drastically decreased.

A free benefit is the decrease in carbon emissions!

Circular economy

50% of the cardboard used to make Marley Spoons boxes has been recycled, and by baling their cardboard waste and preparing it for recycling, the circular economy perspective is made abundantly evident.

At the food manufacturing facility, in addition to crushing cans and baling soft plastic, workers also condense general debris and cardboard.

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