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For quick service restaurants to succeed, efficiency is essential

Waste processing is an area where a lot of time is spent on tasks that are not related to the needs of the customers. By increasing waste handling efficiency, more time can be dedicated to the visitors, increasing their satisfaction and retaining their business.

Improved waste management in a kitchen is essential for raising productivity, promoting sustainability, and minimizing environmental effect.

Kitchen waste compacting is a smart concept because it reduces environmental impact, increases sustainability, and improves hygiene while saving space and money.

Learn how kitchen trash flow may be improved by using balers and compactors, and how waste pickups have been cut by 50%.


A QSR “no-brainer”

The Mil-tek system, which includes a Waste Compactor and a Cardboard Baler, has eradicated the prior cardboard and garbage mounds.

Even though it may seem paradoxical, keeping the waste inside has advantages, and the simple equipment has transformed how waste is managed in the restaurant. The workers may stay inside and concentrate on the kitchen and visitors while there is no longer a need to trek to the outdoor bin thanks to the huge space savings.

In addition, waste pickups have been scaled back from daily to just two to three times per week.

Several factors make compacting kitchen waste a smart move:

  • Compacting kitchen waste can help save space and money by reducing the amount of waste that needs to be transported
  • Reduced waste volume can also save money because reduced disposal costs are frequently associated with smaller waste volumes
  • Cardboard and plastic trash can be turned into a marketable good by baling
  • As fewer pests and rodents are likely to be drawn to food waste, compacting garbage can help enhance kitchen hygiene
  • By lowering transportation emissions, compacting waste can help lessen the environmental impact of waste disposal

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