Baler transforms operations: From 60 wool bales per week to be handled manually to 1 bale every other day

Achieving 94% waste reduction!

With Mil-tek’s help, LifeWise – a premium pet food company – improved its waste management significantly.


They reduced weekly waste from 60 wool bales to one bale every two days, achieving a 94 % volume decrease!


The result was clearer space, huge time savings and smoother operations.


Watch operations manager at LifeWise describe their case

According to Melissa Pleaner, operations manager, “the baler works like a dream.”

The machine has greatly improved the efficiency and ease of handling waste in the company.

Every year, production doubles, producing more waste

LifeWise’ production has doubled annually as their business has expanded, resulting in higher waste quantities.

Handling up to 60 wool bales by hand each week!
LifeWise used to manually manage their waste, stuffing cardboard and plastics into wool bales. Squashing the materials by hand and putting the bales outdoors for truck collection every other week was a labor-intensive procedure.

They occasionally handled as many as sixty wool bales in one week, which resulted in a disorganised and disorderly workspace. The dispatch area was clogged with bales and frequently jammed, making operations slow and ineffective.

Baler frees up crucial space in dispatch area

LifeWise’s partnership with Mil-tek and the introduction of the A509 baler have marked a significant transformation in their waste management process:

  • The frequency and physical effort required for handling waste have been greatly reduced.
  • Instead of dealing with up to 60 wool bales weekly, they now manage one bale every two days.
  • This change has led to significant time savings.
  • Waste is now compacted into smaller, more manageable bales, that can be stacked outside.
  • The reduction in clutter has minimized the risk of accidents.
  • Freed-up space in the dispatch area has improved overall operational efficiency.

Maximizes efficiency – incredible reductions in waste

The baler’s compacting power is remarkable, with one bale equating to the volume of 30 wool bales. This efficiency makes managing plastic and cardboard waste much simpler. The neatly stacked bales outside free up valuable indoor space.

107 big bags to 1 single bale
A striking example of the baler’s efficiency is when LifeWise compacted 107 big bags into a single bale. This dramatic space-saving highlights the baler’s capability to handle large waste volumes effectively.

The baler has been an irreplaceable investment

With features designed to avoid inadvertent usage, the Mil-tek baler has demonstrated to be an incredibly safe and efficient equipment for LifeWise.

Because of their new machine, LifeWise now benefits from a waste management solution that is consistent and safe. Thanks to the baler, the company has a much more organised work environment, more efficient processes, and much less need for manual labour.

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