At Liquex Logistics, the introduction of an A509 baler has dramatically cut down waste collections

Liquex Logistics, a key player in the alcoholic beverage supply industry, struggled with managing the large volume of shrink wrap waste produced by their pallet operations.


The introduction of a Mil-tek baler brought about a major transformation in their waste management practices, resulting in significant efficiency gains and cost reductions.


For example, they were able to cut down their stillage bins from eight to two and reduce waste collections from twice a week to once a month, achieving an impressive 88% decrease!


Amazed at how they managed without a baler

Watch the case video featuring Brendan Cliff, the Warehouse Operations Manager at Liquex Logistics, as he discusses the numerous benefits of their new baler.

He expresses his amazement at how they managed without a baler before, highlighting the significant improvements it has brought to their operations.

Needed new solution to tackle shrink wrap challenge

Liquex Logistics faced a daunting challenge with the excessive shrink wrap waste produced by their 400-600 weekly pallets.

Their previous waste management system, involving a tedious process of cutting shrink wrap, storing it in stillage bins, and then transferring it to a dumpster consumed valuable time and occupied crucial warehouse space.

This inefficiency led to frequent waste collections twice a week, disrupting operations and driving up costs.

Baler made significant reduction in stillage bins

Initially, Liquex Logistics hesitated whether or not to invest in a baler, but decided to implement a Mil-tek A509 baler in their operation.

The powerful baler quickly demonstrated its value though, reducing the number of stillage bins from eight to just two! This freed up considerable warehouse space for more productive uses and improving overall operations.

Baler vs. dumpster system
The A509 baler can compact 20-30 stillages of shrink wrap waste into one bale, a significant improvement over the old dumpster system, which could only handle about four stillages.

Streamlined operations and cost savings with new baler

Liquex Logistics has decreased the frequency of their waste collection from twice a week to once a month after installing the new baler. This modification reduced expenses while also lessening the disturbances brought on the frequent truck trips.

Enhancing employee productivity
The company saved a significant amount of labour time by getting rid of the labor-intensive triple-handling process, which allowed staff to concentrate on more important work. All personnel regardless of age and background can operate the baler safely and effectively thanks to its user-friendly design.

Seamless baler integration and ongoing support

The Mil-tek A509 baler has become an essential part of Liquex Logistics’ daily operations. Its low maintenance requirements and consistent performance have earned it the unofficial title of “best employee.”

Thanks to comprehensive training and support from the Mil-tek team, the installation process went smoothly. Liquex Logistics was able to maximize the benefits of their new equipment right from the start, with additional training and resources provided as needed.

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