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Lean production increases efficiency and minimizes waste

Lean in production is about creating a better flow, and the approach is part of most manufacturing companies. Learn more about Lean efficiency here and how the approach also minimizes the risk of contamination.

What is Lean production?

Lean production is a methodical approach to manufacturing that aims to eliminate waste from the production process. By waste is meant both in the form of actual waste, but also wasted resources such as time.

Manufacturing companies need to maintain a fast working environment and a smooth operating process. A Lean approach is therefore also a regular part of everyday life in most production companies. Lean in production is basically about creating a better flow and minimizing waste. This happens, for example, by having things standing where they are to be used, as well as continuously optimizing work processes, equipment, approaches, order, employee satisfaction, avoiding overproduction and so on.

To increase productivity and lower the risk of contamination, the Lean methodology should be used throughout the entire company – and not just on the production line.

Contamination risk in production

If you ensure that a Lean approach is maintained beyond the production itself, it means that doors are kept closed and that forklift traffic and general walking around the premises are minimized. Together, this significantly reduces the risk of contamination because the dust-bound particles that occur in busy production environments are avoided, which would otherwise spread throughout the entire production environment.

Methods and approaches in Lean production

One place to create a better flow, in accordance with Lean manufacturing, is making an effort to reduce wasted time related to your waste management.

Mil-tek waste management solutions are designed and optimized to minimize waste where it occurs. Regardless of the amount or type of waste a business generates, a waste solution can be scaled to fit. Creating a good flow around waste management also reduces the risk of contamination, as well as frees up employees’ time to use their core competencies for value-creating activities, rather than spending time handling and transporting waste to an external waste area.

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Watch: Lean approach in food production

Find out more about how you can increase internal efficiency and minimize the risk of contamination in food production by using Lean.

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