At a restaurant like Burger King, not only must the food be fast, so must the waste management processes

“How can we make our waste management more efficient?”

An extremely busy restaurant like Burger King demands efficiency. A danish Burger King restaurant wanted to optimize their efficiency with regards to their waste handling, so Mil-tek was called in to help. The Burger King restaurant now uses a cardboard baler to compact their cardboard waste, with a lot of built-in benefits!

For a restaurant like Burger King, efficiency is everything!

Burger King’s challenges with waste handling

The Burger King restaurant previously used three small waste containers in the backyard, where staff would carry out cardboard several times a day. Before the cardboard could be disposed of in the containers, it had to be cut, folded and manually compacted, which altogether took quite some time. After the containers had been filled, a waste handler would come and empty them.

Efficiency is paramount

Efficiency is important to Burger King’s workflow. Every step of the process, from the food production workstations to the pick-up locations to the drive-thru and back-of-house, is measured. And the efficiency of the restaurant as a whole can be increased by reducing the amount of time each process takes – including the processes in the waste handling.


The solution: A Mil-tek cardboard baler

The necessity for an overall for the entire waste management process was quickly discovered because of the significant emphasis on efficiency. A Mil-tek A305 baler was installed in the back room of the restaurant, to handle the significant amount of cardboard being generated.

Fast(er) burgers in the restaurant

The baler had a number of immediate benefits:

  • Cardboard waste is not piling up in the back room of the restaurant
  • Staff does not longer have to carry cardboard out in the backyard many times a day, returning to the restaurant with dirty shoes
  • The fact that they can dispose of the waste inside results in that the backdoor of the storeroom stays closed. This keeps the temperature regulated and increases hygiene
  • The cardboard is placed into the baler as is, meaning that staff  no longer have to flat-pack it, which saves a lot of time

As an overall result, the restaurant saves a lot of time on their waste handling, which instead can be used to increase efficiency and serve more customers with fast(er) burgers.

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